Centurions Chairman Launches Foundation

Trevor Barton MBE

Trevor Barton MBE

I am pleased to say that the Foundation that was formed earlier on in the year is now ready to commence trading. It has been a desire of the Board, in particular Trevor Barton MBE, for the launch of the Community Foundation. Both Trevor and I, supported by Miranda Barker, have been planning the creation of the Foundation for some time. Miranda joined the Board last year with a view to re-establishing the community links between the Centurions and the community and developing the appropriate pathways.

Trevor, over the past 2 years, has been the CEO of the Centurions which he took on a temporary basis not realising that it would take up 2 years of his time. I have to say, on a personal note, that without Trevor’s support the task of trying to save Centurions would have been considerably more difficult if not impossible. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I have to acknowledge that Trevor’s attention is focused on developing the Foundation. Certainly over the past 2 years Trevor has built a solid foundation within the Centurions with the professional support group that has galvanised a considerable number of volunteers to work towards the success of the Centurions.

Although Trevor will no longer be the CEO he will still form a very active and important part of the future of the Club including the Foundation.

The Foundation has secured funding from Bolton MBC which enables John Duffy to transfer over to the Foundation where he will assist Trevor in the day to day delivery of programs.

Obviously from a personal point of view this leaves a big hole to fill on the Board of Centurions with the loss of Trevor but hopefully with the recent interest that has been expressed that the individuals are willing to step up to assist the Board and myself in taking the Centurions onto the next stage.

This whole journey over the past 2 years has been quite incredible. But I think the performance on Sunday by the players only emphasised the desire the commitment and the team spirit that can be produced at the Centurions which clearly shows we can be a force to be recognised not only in the local community through the foundation but on the rugby field with Paul and the team. With the right backing from fans the business community and in particular Leigh Sports Village, I am quite convinced that we are only a few inches away from success. There is still an incredible amount of hard work to be done but the position that we are now in, in 2013, is so significantly better than it was in 2011.

I am sure everybody will now get behind the Foundation to ensure its success working within the community and delivering all the community projects by the Foundation can only enhance the success of the Centurions and re-engage the Centurions back into the community where it belongs.

Chairman, Keith Freer
30th April 2013

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