Year 6 Tag Rugby Festival

Y6 festival (5)

Year 6 festivals 2 finalists St. Gabriels and RL Hughes alongside their teachers and our apprentices.


During the 1st half term of schools our coaches have been out in the borough delivering to year 6 pupils Tag Rugby League. They deliver a 6 week programme starting from the basics of holding the ball and culminating in a inter-class competition before joining us at the LSV for a borough wide festival.

The festival was held on Thursday 23rd October and was hugely successful. 23 schools out of a possible 27 schools turned up on the day and we had 28 teams participate meaning over 250 children, boys and girls enjoyed a great afternoon of Tag Rugby League.

The festival was a close run thing with St. Gabriels and RL Hughes making it through to the final. The final itself was extremely tight and in the end only 1 try scored late on won it for RL Hughes. Special mention should be given to St. Gabriels who were taking part in the festival having only had a ten minute training session, so did themselves and their school proud.

All in all a great day was had by all. Parents and grandparents commented on how well the day was organised and how they wish there had been the opportunity to partake in something like this when they had been at school.


Pupils taking part in the Year 6 festival at the LSV

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